IoSys identifying even dark-colored plastics

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mIRoGun – Portable and Desktop NIR-Spectrometer for Plastics

With the Infrared spectrometry (NIR) of the IoSys units it is possible to identify plastics coming from the household-, engineering electronics and automotive application field. It allows direct analysis of non-dark-colored plastic parts (films, foils, granules, solid, foamed) and other materials like carpets and textiles.


The basic principle of the method is the diffuse near infra-red reflection spectroscopy whereby characteristic absorption behaviors of different polymer types are used in that spectral region. The polymer sample is radiated with a infra-red light and the reflected light of the measuring place is analyzed using a near infrared detector array. To measure transparent materials a white ceramic must be placed be-hind the sample as a reflection mirror.

PlastikerkennungFor plastic identification the measuring rod is simply pressed on to the analysis sample. The measurement be-gins by pressing the start button on the rod. Within a second an integrated LCD-touchscreen shows the recognized poly-mer. The measuring rod is connected with an 80 cm cable to the instrument. The portable device includes the optical NIR-system and the computer, which controls and evaluates the identification Plastikerkennungprocess. Parameter settings like model selec-tion can be set by the LCD-touchscreen. A panel meter shows the actual voltage of the rechargeable battery pack. The portable unit can be operated with an external 5VDC-power supply, too.

PVCUsing the device as a stationary Desktop unit the connection of an external VGA monitor and a keyboard is possible. Additional connections like an USB-interface allow external data transfer. A Mini-Plotter printing out the results is integrated (Dimension in ABSmm: 265x135x165, weight: 3,8 kg, power supply: 100-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz).

KunststofferkennungIdentification of different plastic types is the result of a trained pattern recognition. After the measurement of the plastic sample the optical information are processed by a neural network. The result of the calculation is a list of the most probable polymer type identified within a probability between 0 and 100%.

The software allows detailed spectra viewing, loading, saving and editing. This possibility helps to develop own applications.

With the mIRoGun it is possible to identify relevant plastics and their mixtures independently of surface structure and contamination within 1 second as the following:


  • Identification of plastics from household- and electronics waste as well as carpets and textiles
  • On site analysis, e.g. in storehouses, storage areas, on trucks or containers
  • Non-destroying measurement
  • Less than 1 sec. measuring time
  • Easy operation with LCD-touchscreen or external display and keyboard
  • Measurement of foils and granulates possible
  • Detailed spectra overview for easy evaluation
  • 8 additional materials/spectra can be added
  • Operation with rechargeable batteries and/or external VDC-power supply
  • 4 - 5 h operation time with integrated batteries
  • Alu-suitcase for transportation

According to different demands in recycling matters, customers can arrange to have the system calibrated using their own samples.

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